Introduces students to mechanism and movement by using WeDo and EV3 Lego Robotics bricks to build walking machines and animals. Students will learn to program and create their own unique creations in a 8-week session using S.T.E.M. concepts and principles. Each class is limited to only 8 students!

Last day of registration ends on the 5th of January. Classes will start on the 13th of January.

Download registration form HERE.

Code 2016 CLASS IS LEARNING COMPUTER SCIENCE! In Code 2016 Class, we’re teaching’s K-8 Intro to Computer Science course to your child.



K-8 Intro to Computer Science is fun, collaborative, and creative! It’s designed to inspire students to continue learning how technology improves real world relationships, connections, and life.


Students learn:

•    how the Internet works

•    basic computer programming

•    logic, problem solving and creativity

The course features puzzles, video lectures by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat, as well as familiar characters from popular games Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies. Using a blended learning model, your children are learning with a mix of online, self-guided activities and “unplugged” activities that use no computer at all.



Software is everywhere. It’s shaping almost every aspect of how we live our lives. But very few kids are learning how to actually create games, apps and programs.


Did you know?

•    90% of American schools don’t teach computer science.

•    Fewer students are learning how computers work than a decade ago!

•    All students can learn to code. But girls and students of color are severely underrepresented in computer science.


Computer science is a foundation for every student. That’s why we’re introducing ours to these critical 21st century skills.


WHAT IS CLASS SCHEDULE? Every Friday 5-5:30pm from Jan 2016


WHAT IS TUTION? $90 for 6 classes


WHAT TO BRING? Students must be able to bring their own laptop, tablet for taking the class.


WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Seat is limisted. First come first serve.

Common Core Writing


In our 10-week writing session, students will practice the following Common Core standards and topics. 


The first week will consist of a short teacher introduction, classroom rules and procedures, and an entry-level assessment. There are 4 Learning Weeks, 2 Exam Week, and 4 Discussion and Review Weeks in a 10-week session. Each learning week consists of Writing Strategies, Processes, and a Writing topic. For our writing projects, each student writes a Rough Draft for homework and completes a final draft of that writing after the teacher goes over it one-on-one with the student. During the Discussion and Review weeks, other writing themes and vocabulary will be presented.


Tutoring for G6 and Up

Tutoring is the fundamental foundation of Wing Education Center. We have partnered with APEX Classroom to provide you the best tutors in the Bay Area. Our approach to tutoring is simple: we offer tutoring for every subject matter that any student needs help in. Whether it is math, science, English or Spanish, history, or economics, we have top tier university graduates and education professionals who are trained to help raise a student’s grades and help them do better. Your Satisfaction Guaranteed. Contact us for more information, we would be glad to help answer any questions you have.


Other Classes

C++ Programming for Kids from G-5 and above, REGISTER NOW.


MS Office Training for Kids from K to G-4, REGISTER NOW.


Henna/Mehendi Workshop (Tattoos), REGISTER NOW.