MPM Math Classroom


MPM has been promoting its math program since 1989 when it established. MPM has more than one hundred thousand students all over the world. 


MPM is a well sequenced math program that implements the concepts of Multi-Process and Multi-Model mathematics for K-6 grade students. Through MPM’s training, students will not only master elementary level math but also build up a solid foundation for junior high school math concepts. They will sharpen their critical thinking and problem solving skills while shaping characteristics for success.


MPM is a self-learning system personalized for each student. Instead of traditional one-to-one tutoring, personalized materials will be uniquely arranged for each student according to individual needs. Even during the same MPM sessions, students may be at different levels from each other. Instructors will utilize minimal guidance to maximize self-learning for each student.


It optimizes each student's learning ability with minimal guidance from the instructor. Students work with Multi-Process Model to solve problems in Algebra, Geometry, Coordinate Plane, and various areas of math. By using the specially designed manipulative tools, students learn math with fun and they understand the concept without pressure. Furthermore, they will know how to apply what they learn in their real life.


Students will be given 7 pages to complete during class time. In order to provide instant feedback, Instructors will check the finished worksheets immediately and return them to students for corrections if needed.


Students will receive 7 pages for homework. The purpose of homework is to help instructors gauge student’s ability to complete MPM materials independently. Since homework is mainly for review, parents are encouraged to spread out the MPM homework over a couple of days. Homework will be checked and returned to students for corrections during the next class.


The Diagnostic Exam for Placement is used to identify a student’s optimum starting point.

The MPM Mathematics Program normally requires students to attend eight sessions per month or approximately two sessions per week. Session Length will vary from 40 to 80 or more minutes, depending on the student’s grade and other factors.


The Goals for students enrolled in MPM Math Classroom are:


  • to promote problem-solving skills through the development of independent, divergent, and creative thinking.

  • to encourage an active self-learning attitude.

  • to strengthen self-confidence by continuously challenging the new and the unknown.

  • to enjoy learning math.


MPM Math Cost:


  • $30 Diagnostic Exam for Placement. Please call (510) 473-7868 to schedule a Diagnostic Exam Test.

  • Follow MPM Program Tuition Policy/8 sessions (Non-Wing Student, include materials). See details here.

  • $100/8 sessions (For Wing Students, include materials)